House of Artifice (Poisoned Houses Book 2) by Lyn Forester

House of Artifice (Poisoned Houses Book 2)

Book Title: House of Artifice (Poisoned Houses Book 2)

Publisher: Covey Publishing, LLC

Release Date: 2018-01-12

Author: Lyn Forester

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Lyn Forester with House of Artifice (Poisoned Houses Book 2)

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When political unrest uproots Caitlyn once again, will she be able to find her feet in an ever changing world of intrigue?

Just as Caitlyn begins to dream of a future with Declan, Connor, and Felix, she’s called back to the Lonette Manor to act as proxy for her father. Returned to the gilded cage of her family, Caitlyn attempts to hold her own in a sea of political maneuvering. Floundering and cut off from the support of her guys, she finds herself bereft all over again.

When Caitlyn is presented with choices for her future secretary, she begins to see how complicated life can become. In the Lonette family, the secretary fulfills all of their councillor’s needs, both professional and private. Faced with those trained in seduction, will Caitlyn be able to resist their proposals?

Whispers of her guys ill intentions only furthers her doubts as Caitlyn struggles to choose her path: accept the approved support of her secretary, or continue to fight for the more risky proposition of her guys?